Gun Nut Shoots At Wife For Eating His Grilled Cheese – Seems Legit

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A man in Dundalk, MD got extremely upset when his wife committed the ultimate betrayal…she took a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich. From there it was just chaos as the man opened fire inside of their residence, sparking an hours long standoff with local police.

Apparently, the police got a call and were faced with the man’s three teenagers and wife running out into the yard claiming a man started shooting through the floor after he found out that his wife had taken a bite of his grilled cheese sandwich. The man then barricaded himself in the home for nearly three hours.

The police stayed stationed outside until the shooter, Daniel Brian Blackwell, 55, came outside for some air on the porch. The Baltimore City police then used pepper balls to disable and arrest him. This, however, was not the first time Blackwell had been in trouble with the law.

Baltimore County police spokesman Cpl. Shawn Vinson told media:

“Apparently, the man had made a grilled cheese sandwich and either the wife or the daughter, we’re not exactly sure who, but somebody, one of the females in the house, took a bite of his sandwich, and apparently, that enraged him to the point that he fired shots in the house”

When the home was searched police found nearly a dozen guns, which wouldn’t have been an issue, except due to prior charges, Blackwell was not allowed to possess any type of firearms. According to police Blackwell has been charged with prior assault charges, and due to those circumstances his gun privileges had been revoked.

Blackwell is being held and charged with attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and various different firearms charges.

Hopefully they don’t serve grilled cheese in prison.

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