This Amazing Spider Man Will Make Your Day That Much Better

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Sarah Hester, a professional photographer from Oklahoma City, has come out with a series of awesome photos depicting Spider Man without the spidey costume. The photos start out innocent enough showing Zach Howell, posing as Peter Parker but just wait, they get so much better.

Photo via Sarah Hester Photography.


Slowly Howell begins to disrobe but the emergency must not be too grave because he doesn’t stop at his super hero costume.



Photo via Sarah Hester Photography.


He’s just hanging out in the kitchen, no big deal.


Photo via Sarah Hester Photography.

Lounging around on the couch.


Photo via Sarah Hester Photography.


Photo via Sarah Hester Photography.


This isn’t Hester’s first foray into male boudoir photography having done similar photo-shoots with the same hot model for both Harry Potter and Dexter. Hester told the Huffpost:

“It’s really just pure entertainment. It’s fun. There are so many sexualized female versions of fictional characters and it’s neat to explore the other side.”

Well whatever the reason we implore you to continue. Thank you Sarah Hester for making our day just a little bit spidier…whatever that means.

Featured image via Sarah Hester Photography.

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