Michigan Man Gets Ticket For Leaving His Car Running… In His Own Driveway!

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The 24-year-old Michigan resident, Nick Taylor, woke up and went to get his girlfriend and her two-year-old son. He left the car running while he went in the house to get them, and he came back to find a piece of paper on the car.

Some officer gave him a $128 ticket for leaving his car running…in the driveway. Taylor said he was in the house for less than 10 minutes. He posted a picture of the ticket on his Facebook page.

Image via Facebook

The image was shared over 13,000 times and got thousands of comments.

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin told CBS Detroit, citing car theft as public safety concern:

“I encourage our officers to write this ticket. All it takes is someone to hop in this car and take off. Then there’s a chase often at a high rate of speed and all that could have been prevented.”

Berlin got a little bit immature when referring to the angry comments about the ticket:

“You see the disparaging comments he made about my officer? Drop dead.”

One commenter aptly said:

“Really chief Berlin? How old are you? Two? ‘He called my officer a name so I won’t dismiss his stupid ticket? Drop dead?’ No, go play in the mud with your siblings you immature child! Start over. You missed some of your mother’s parenting lessons.”

This ticket is just plain ridiculous. The officer had to walk onto private property to write it. They didn’t even bother trying to inform Taylor. The officer just left the ticket there.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot

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