German Politician Claims Poor Elderly Should Receive Prostitutes (VIDEO)

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Politicians across the world are always interested in making a name for themselves. One way is to propose new legislation aimed at tackling an obvious issue.

Elisabeth Scharfenberg, the spokesperson f0r the Age and Care policy for the Green Party in Germany, recently told the Welt am Sonntag newspaper that:

 “Funding for sexual assistance is conceivable for me.”

Furthermore, Scharfenberg clarified that:

“The local authorities could advise on the available options and provide grants.”

Where would this money be coming from, you might ask? The state, or more specifically, collected taxes.

Currently, Germany’s Green Party (also known as Alliance ’90/The Greens) controls just one German province (Baden-Württemberg), while it holds 226 seats in the country’s State Parliaments. Despite this, it is unlikely that Scharfenberg’s plan will be widely accepted without political debate.

However, this idea is not as novel as it may sound. Germany’s neighbor, The Netherlands, has been providing state-funded sexual visits for the disabled since the 1990’s. This policy was applied under the idea that having sex is good for mental health.

Could Germany argue the same thing and be successful?

Well, if Scharfenberg has her way, sex workers would be paid to make routine visits to both the elderly and the disabled. These patients would need to show proof that they require medical aid of course, or they could show that they can’t afford the services. Once that technicality is dispensed with, then chosen prostitutes would apply their trade in order to improve the overall quality of life.

The Greens should be applauded for reminding the German public that the elderly and the disabled face daily challenges and concerns over money and the state of their mental and physical well-being. That being said, Scharfenberg’s proposal is a sort of Frankenstein monster whereby state bureaucracy is attached to one of the most intimate activities known to humanity.

Sex is certainly good for health. That’s indisputable. The question is whether or not the government should be in the prostitution racket, what do you think?

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