Criminal Hilariously Trolls Police With ‘Where’s Waldo’ Photos (VIDEO)

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Where’s Waldo? is the beloved game whereby players search through increasingly difficult crowd scenes in order to find a lone gentlemen in a white sweater and knit cap with red stripes. In a broader context, the figure of the smiling and bespectacled Waldo has become synonymous with hard-to-find people or things.

Given this, it should not be surprising that clever (or stupid) criminals have taken to dressing like the titular character.

On January 9th, J.J. McMenamin, 30, took to Facebook Live to film his voluntary handover to the North Yorkshire Police.  Days prior, McMenamin had taunted law enforcement officials with social media posts of himself dressed as Waldo.

At that time McMenamin was a wanted fugitive for failing to appear in court in order face several alleged driving offenses.  While police armed with sniffer dogs and helicopters searched high and low for the miscreant, McMenamin updated his Facebook  profile picture to Waldo (known as “Wally” in the United Kingdom) with a caption reading:

“Dude, I’m right here.”

Other pictures show McMenamin smiling while holding up a tabloid newspaper.

Although some of his posts have been deleted this one still remains:

Apparently, the Facebook Live video showing McMenamin waiting inside of the Harrogate police station has been taken down but you can see it in the video below.

You have to give it to McMenamin–although he may be a nuisance to society, he certainly knows how to keep a joke going.

Featured image via Inquisitr.

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