Bullets Into Plants? The Government Wants To Give It A Try (VIDEO)

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Ever since the 1800’s, bullets have been used as a way to harm or kill a target, but have people ever thought about others uses for this small but dangerous projectile? We’re not talking about using them as a decoration or an earring. We’re discussing the possible use of bullets to help the Earth.

Back in November, the Department of Defense decided to throw out a call for proposals towards business that might be able to help out with creating bullets that can transform into seeds. How exactly would that work?

The biodegradable bullets in question would need seeds implanted into it by the Army Corps of Engineers’ Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory. Bullets tend to take around 100 years to degrade, and having them out in nature can pose a major threat to water and soil. These specialized bullets would degrade at a faster rate in order for the seed to work its magic.

While they’ll be used to help grow plants in the region, these seeds will be edible for animals. The bullets will also rid the area of any biodegradable components left behind by previous bullets and soil contaminants such as polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons and various metals.

These bullets won’t be used on the battlefield, though. Their primary usage will take place during training camp.

Getting to these new bullets will take three phases. The first phase involves figuring out a method to plant seeds into 40mm-120mm training rounds.

The next phase deals with some test runs, and the last phase finalizes the new technology with ammunition prime contractors and PEO Ammunition.

Companies that want to get involved with this project will have until Feb. 8 to submit their application here. You can take a look at a more detailed statement from the Small Business Innovation Research here.

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