These Birds Can Officially Be Considered The Biggest Sluts Of The Animal Kingdom

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The dating world just seems to be getting more and more challenging for those singles out there perusing the bars on a Saturday night but don’t think for one minute the dudes you come across can even come close to the sheer sluttiness of one type of Sandpiper in Alaska. Don’t be fooled, though; this little bird puts in work to get laid as much as he does.

Researchers have been studying these particular types of birds and their mating practices during their four to six week mating season. The birds travel from South Africa to Alaska and then have been documented as traveling an extra three to eight thousand miles, which is further than a trip from Paris to Moscow.

The birds are attempting to mate with as many females as possible in order to secure their genes be carried forth into the Alaskan nights. The male playboy Sandpiper realized that sitting in one spot during this season doesn’t give them the most options for impregnating the female so they literally fly from place to place doing the nasty as they go.

Researchers documented some species creating as many as twenty-two babies during this short mating season before beating feet back to South Africa. So basically you have some crazy males running around Alaska, knocking up broads, and dipping before the babies arrive.

I knew it. It is not just a human male thing, its a “talent” born into the gender as a whole.

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