Mark Hamill Reads Trump Tweets In The Voice Of The Joker And Its Absolutely EVIL (VIDEO)

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Throughout President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign and even now, after the election, Twitter has been Trump’s favorite form of social media expression. There is nothing presidential about what The Donald puts out with his Tweets and continues to sound like a scorned teenager every time he takes to the web.

If you look at some of Trump’s past tweets you would think he had lost the election, not unfairly won it. One example comes directly after actress Meryl Streep downed Trump in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. Trump tweeted back:

Well, after realizing that Trump will not be stopping his ridiculous rants anytime soon, Patton Oswalt’s brother, Matt, came up with the idea to create an app that read Trump’s tweets in the voice of Batman’s biggest villain, The Joker. Mark Hamill, the original voice of The Joker, caught wind and replied with:

Well it didn’t take long for Hamill to gather that help and he recently revealed Trump’s New Year’s tweet read in the voice of The Joker himself. Check it out:

Featured image via Fidel Martinez/Mitu

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