How To Make Your Own Pulp Fiction-Style ‘Big Kahuna Burger’

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One of the often-quoted scenes from the 1994 cult hit Pulp Fiction is the burger scene. Samuel L. Jackson is trying to scare these young men in their apartment, and he takes the time to try the food one of them was eating. He said the infamous line, “This is a tasty burger!”

The fictional restaurant in the movie was “Big Kahuna Burger,” but some fan has created his own version of the burger.

He created a Hawaiian-style burger of his own with carmelized onions and pineapple. He made it a double with Monterrey Jack cheese, and teriyaki sauce. It may not be exactly what was in the movie, but this looks like a tasty homage to the Quentin Tarantino film.

Here is the scene from the movie:

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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