Girl Finds One Doppelganger – Then Another And Another (VIDEO)

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A US girl has posted a picture of her and a lookalike, only to find many, many more. 17 year old American Santana Gutierrez, was out shopping in San Diego when she found someone who was almost her mirror image. The lookalikes took a photo and Santana posted it on social media with the line:

“I found my literal doppelganger just now wtf.”


The Sun reported on this story, the photo went viral, and then it became even stranger. Someone else then posted a picture of another lookalike:

Ever since the post more and more people are posting lookalikes:


It is a strange phenomenon that Santana has been stunned by, to the point she has even asked her parents if there is a family secret she is not aware of. She must be wondering, how many doppelgangers can one girl can have?

In 2015, Live Science published an article suggesting we all may easily have a doppelganger and this is due to a limited number of genes that determine facial features. In the article, Assistant Professor Michael Sheehan said:

“If you have enough people, you’re going to end up with someone who doesn’t look so crazily different.”

Doppelganger is a German word, according to this German language blog it means:

“Literal translation & German meaning: Double walker, or someone who looks identical to you
Meaning in English: Someone who looks exactly the same as you but is not related to you
Extra fact: Like über becoming uber in English, doppelgänger becomes doppelganger in English due to the lack of umlauts in the English language.”

Some famous doppelgangers also exist. One of the most notable is Will Ferrell and the drummer from The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad Smith. The likeness between the two stars is also uncanny. The seeming twins appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight  Show in 2014, dressing alike and went on to have a drum off.

Watch the famous doppelgangers talking to Jimmy Fallon:

Featured image via Twitter.

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