Carrie Fisher’s Ashes Resting In A Giant Prozac Pill

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During the last week of 2016, we lost two wonderful women. The Star Wars actress, Carrie Fisher, and her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, passed within two days of each other.

Carrie Fisher was also an advocate for those of us suffering from mental illnesses. She wrote books and spoke out about her struggles with bipolar disorder and addiction.

Her brother, Ted Fisher, said this to Entertainment Weekly:

“Carrie’s favorite possession was a giant Prozac pill that she bought many years ago. She loved it, and it was in her house, and Billie [Fisher’s daughter] and I felt it was where she’d want to be.”

“… We couldn’t find anything appropriate. Carrie would like that. It was her favorite thing, and so that’s how you do it. And so they’re together, and they will be together here and in heaven, and we’re OK with that.”

May the force be with you, Carrie and Debbie.

Featured image via YouTube screenshot.

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