Sugar High Squirrels Raid Candy Aisle At Convenience Store (VIDEO)

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Convenience stores can be a great place to grab a snack, the morning paper, or even a hearty cup of coffee. However, for one convenience store owner in Toronto, a group of squirrels have developed a very costly sweet tooth.

This is according to Paul Kim owner of Lukes’s Grocery store, who claims that the tiny bandits stroll right in, and take his candy in broad daylight.  Kim revealed to the Toronto Star:

“I always see them sneaking outside the door, looking into my store, and even right at me!”

These squirrels are also not picky about the treats they take on their capers, and have shown a high degree of variety in their candy exploits. Kim said:

“They come in and take Crunchies, Crispy Crunch, Wonderbar.”

In addition to their efficiency as four legged burglars, the accused squirrels have also become YouTube stars, thanks to videos posted on the YouTube account StopThatSquirrelDropThatBar. The clips show a pair of incidents from the alleged animals, with the first heist occurring in October, and the most recent video allegedly being recorded in November. Kim’s daughter Cindy revealed in a separate statement to the Star that:

“I think we’ve lost up to… 48-ish bars this fall season. That’s an extremely rough estimate, though, because we have no way of knowing when we’ve been robbed — they’re very sneaky.”

The squirrels have also prompted the Kim family to reach out to the Reddit community for ideas on how to stop the thefts. Several viewers there suggested that the Kims close the establishment’s front door, but the family claims that it has to be kept open during the warmer months. If they closed it, the air-conditioning bill would be too expensive they revealed in a separate interview with the Global News.

With old man winter firmly asserting its grip on the area, and the fore-mentioned squirrels staying warm in their nest for the winter, the Kims have a few months to keep the door closed, and to strategize a plan for next summer.

In the meantime, you can watch the furry critters in action below, and see their taste for candy first hand.


Featured image via screenshot/YouTube

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