A Stupid New Trend Has Flooded The Internet And It Looks PAINFUL (VIDEO)

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It’s likely that the creators of the internet intended for their new technology to expand the intellectual horizons of its users. Similarly, it is highly likely that no one, not even a visionary like Steve Jobs, could have foreseen something as objectively stupid as the various social media challenges that have erupted online over the last few years.

First, there was the cinnamon challenge, whereby volunteers would eat a spoonful of powdered cinnamon and try to digest the powder without the aid of water. The results tended to be hilarious, with contestants coughing out huge cinnamon-colored clouds. On other occasions, contestants “failed” and almost choked to death or suffered severe allergic reactions.


Next up came the fire challenge. In order to go “viral,” teens and young adults began literally setting themselves on fire. Instead of immediately helping them to apply water, friends of the burning parties usually just filmed the entire ordeal. The fire challenge, along with the so-called “high-five selfie” challenge, which mostly resulted in broken phones, were rightly mocked in the media for the sheer idiocy of it all.


Unfortunately, a new viral challenge is coming to public attention. Although it is currently nameless, the Daily Mirror newspaper in Great Britain reports that teenagers are daring one another to manually dislocate or break certain appendages. The thumb seems to be the favored digit.

On a dare or a whim, an individual forcibly hyperextends their thumb (or thumbs) to the point of painful dislocation. These same contestants then take pictures or film the aftermath. One Twitter user named Rah even posted a how-to guide about breaking ligaments in the thumb alongside an image of his friend’s mangled hand.

No one seems quite sure when this trend started, but numerous images of twisted thumbs are currently decorating the walls of several Facebook and Twitter accounts. One wonders how a contestant can so quickly tweet or text after bending a thumb or finger in such a grotesque way.

Hopefully, this trend comes and goes without generating much more fanfare. As it stands right now, the twisted thumb challenge is right up there with the fire challenge in the Viral Stupidity Hall of Fame.

Featured image via Wikimedia.