Watch Out For This Key, Intruders!

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With the way that the world is today many people feel safer with some sort of personal protection to carry around with them.

Guns are not for everyone and some of the laws throughout the country don’t allow for guns to protect you at all times. There are pepper sprays and larger night sticks but they are bulky and often difficult to have in a spur of the moment emergency situation. You aren’t going to lug a baseball bat everywhere you go when you are walking down the street. =

SOG has the answer to that when they came up with a tiny knife disguised as a house key. It even comes in a blue and pink, his and hers version. The knife neatly folds into a replica key, which is perfect to hang on your key ring and bring anywhere you go.

Here are some photos of it from Canopy.




Image via Pixabay.