People Are Confused About A Woman Who Vanished On Live TV (VIDEO)

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Ok, so another video is taking over the internet now and is leaving people crazy over what happened to the woman in it. This was uploaded a while back, but it seems that it managed to dig its way up the social spotlight again.

This video is a clip from Denmark’s TV 2 Sports Center where a bearded guy, who I’m guessing is a sports personality there, is being interviewed in an airport.

On his side, a woman appears to be chatting with another woman and is moving around, but as she carried on her way, it appears as if the woman just vanishes.

What the..?

Did you catch that?

Don’t worry, you are not alone, even people on Reddit are confused.

EZ does it wrote:

“So? Everything disappears in baggage claim.”

Iamabioticgod said:

“I’ll need an explanation, thank you.”

How about you? Do you also need one? Because I sure as hell need one.

NOTE: I’m sorry bearded guy, I guess your limelight was cut short by the vanishing woman caught in your interview video.

Image is a YouTube screengrab.

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