Season 10 Of Finding Bigfoot Premieres, Still No Sign Of Bigfoot (VIDEO)

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This Sunday, January 8th, Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot returns for more undisputed conclusions of Bigfoot’s existence without actual evidence.

Returning for the tenth time is our team of top Bigfoot researchers:

Matt Moneymaker

Image Via Bigfoot Evidence

In his 25 years of Bigfoot research he hasn’t found the damn thing, but he’s found something perhaps even more valuable: a way to make a substantial living doing 25 years of Bigfoot research.


Cliff Barackman

Photo Via Bigfoot Lunch Club

A jazz guitarist who joined the team because of his history of spending more time in the woods than practicing.


James “Bobo” Fay

Photo VIa Bleeding Green Nation

A retired Sublime roadie who joined the team because he is the exact size and shape to fill in for Bigfoot reenactments whenever necessary.


Ranae Holland

Photo Via screenshot/YouTube

The only actual field biologist on the team, and un-ironically the only member who openly disbelieves in Bigfoot.

Animal Planet continually gets criticism for shows like Finding Bigfoot and Mermaids: The Body Found, for its stretch on the “Animal” in Animal Planet. I absolutely agree—Treehouse Masters was a total slam-dunk. Bobo has publicly disregarded these criticisms, arguing that Bigfoot and mermaids are not in the same category.

While this is true, it must be kept into consideration that this is coming from a guy who spends his life hiking through the woods categorizing Bigfoot with, say, cows.

Despite these claims, Finding Bigfoot remains to achieve some of Animal Planet’s best ratings. Perhaps the world is still optimistic that these four Elmer Fudds are going to look under the right rock and this thing will actually come running from it.

Yet the irony of the matter is that if that does happen, you won’t hear about it from Finding Bigfoot (or me, for that matter). As soon as Bigfoot is found, it is no longer off the main page. It’s straight-up news.

The new season marks a new era, where our heroes will go to remote locations (all forested; don’t worry), tromp around at night, and blame every noise they hear on Sasquatch.

Sounds like a trip.

Featured image by Phillippe Teuwen via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license.

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