Nikon Said Americans Want to Take Pictures of WHAT?! (VIDEO)

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Let me start by saying, I love Nikon; not only are their cameras and lenses incredibly made, but they even designed my eye-glass lenses. I’m a Nikon fan.

HOWEVER, Nikon recently released an… interesting… advertisement that could prove fairly awkward.

Nikon’s 360 degree camera has been a big hit, enabling the online viewer to scroll the camera’s point of view around a captured video. For the past year, their advertisements have been simple videos shot with their KeyMission 360 in interesting environments (atop a wind turbine, surrounded by penguins, in a sailing competition, etc.).

Communicating what a product can be used for isn’t anything new. It definitely seems natural for an optics corporation to convey what you, the consumer, might want to use their cameras to photograph.

Vacation, family moments, and life events? Great. Everybody loves sitting through the annual family photo, wading through tourists laden with selfie-sticks, and looking through old pictures of birthday cakes.

Outdoor? Sure, everybody wants to immortalize that perfect summit sunrise and memorialize that once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Sports they play? No parent wants to remember their child studying, reading, or otherwise utilizing their mind; they want to see their kids running, living, potentially incurring brain damage, getting yelled at by coaches with no social lives, flirting with insecure cheerleaders, and, hopefully, paying their way through college on scholarship.

So… Getting Intimate? While there is a small possibility this an odd language barrier accident, as Nikon is a Japanese corporation, I’m not buying it. The most innocent euphemistic personification of photographing intimacy would be… getting out your 360 degree camera at a romantic dinner? 360 degree prom photos? 360 degree proposal photographs, wedding ceremonies, or Netflix and pizza date night are possibilities, but they hardly seem worth 15% of American interests when looking to spend $500 on a camera.

The only logical deduction is most eloquently proposed by Scott Mack, commenting on Facebook:

Well said, Scott. But don’t forget, it’s not just porn, it’s 360 degrees of porn.

Gary Shelly thickens the plot when he brings up previous experience:

Gary’s experience gives a whole new meaning to asking your neighbors to trim their hedges and mow their lawn.

Greatest of all is Moose Lindsey’s take on Nikon’s ill-advised ad:

Porn, Moose; you want to shoot porn.

Lord Nikon’s marketing team has spoken.

Featured image via Playboy

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