John McCain Just Got All Kinds Of Sassy About Rex Tillerson (VIDEO)

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Oh  Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), letting your sass shine on through in these tough and trying times is what makes us like you just a little.

We all know President-elect Trump made his Secretary of State decision and, instead of going with the front runner Rudy Giuliani because he felt he was too old, he decided to bring in the oil tycoon and friend of Russia, Rex Tillerson.

When asked by reporters whether McCain would be supporting Trump’s nomination of the pesky Russian friendly oil man, McCain stated:

“Sure ― there’s also a realistic scenario that pigs fly.”

So we are assuming that the Senator will not be throwing his vote in Tillerson’s direction. McCain will be meeting with Tillerson like other Senators have but his prior comments on the subject do not bode well for Tillerson’s cause. McCain said:

“I have concerns. It’s very well known that [Tillerson] he has a very close relationship with (Russian President) Vladimir Putin.”

This is not an abnormal concern especially since in 2013 Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, presented Tillerson with the country’s Order Of Friendship, which if Russia wasn’t trying to start nuclear war with us, would be a good sign. However, since Putin has already interfered once, we want to at least attempt to keep him out of our governmental pocket.

Then again, with Trump in office, I guess we are a little too late for that. We do like that little bit of sass though!

Featured image via The Mary Sue.

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