You Thought Flying Coach Was Bad – Try The Cargo Hold (VIDEO)

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A flight leaving Charlotte Douglas International Airport made an interesting discovery while in flight. Apparently, and the details have not been released, a ground handler was stuck in the cargo area of the plane.

The United Express Flight 660 flew the hour and a half flight to Washington DC with 45 year old Reginald Gaskin hanging out in the cargo hold. Luckily the cargo area was temperature controlled and pressurized and Gaskin came out safe and sound.

Gaskin refused to make a statement about the incident but United Express, a Mesa Airlines, stated:

“An employee of the airline’s ground handling vendor was found unharmed in the aircraft’s cargo hold. The cargo hold was temperature controlled and pressurized and the employee is safe. We are continuing to look into what happened.”

If I were Mr. Gaskin I would have at least picked a flight somewhere with sand, sun, and a beach but I guess the nation’s capital is okay too.

Featured image via Airlines Gallery.

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