Parents Are Outraged At Hairdresser Who Has Issue With Kids

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Who here can tell me that they know a child who is not afraid of the barber, or the dentist, or the doctor? Come on, anything that requires them to sit and be prodded on by an old stranger is terrifying for them, right?

The least that these “old strangers’ can do is to have something to distract the kids, like toys, a colorful place, lively music. I read once that one dentist uses her dog to calm her patients. It doesn’t have to be a dog, but you get my point. Just be human enough to have compassion for the kids while they avail your services.

All hail this assh**e of a hairdresser who brilliantly (or so he thought) charges parents more if their child cries while he is cutting their hair.

According to Daily Mail Online, a mom in Australia posted this photo of a barber’s poster, to her community Facebook group.

The poster read:

“Any children that cry during a children’s haircut will result in a $10 increase in price.”

Absurd, right? It received a lot of negative comments with some even claiming that there will not be a haircut at all once they see that sign.

“Riiiight.. well if I saw that sign my child’s haircut wouldn’t even be starting… that’s just ridiculous”

Another one cleverly dropped a joke:

“As a side note, I wonder what happens if an adult cries during a haircut.. a discount perhaps”

Perhaps the hairdresser who commented was right. It was “darn right rude.”

How can this business expect to make a living without understanding their customers, eh?

What do you think?

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