Japanese Bathrooms Accommodate Your Phone With All New Toilet Paper (VIDEO)

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Looking to make sure that your phone is clean and free of unwanted bacteria after that faithful and inevitable trip to the porcelain throne?

Look no further than the island nation of Japan, and its unique take on toilet paper which aims to keep your gadgets free of germs.

NTT Docomo a telecommunications giant in the country has recently installed special smartphone wipes in all the restrooms of the Tokyo Narita International Airport. The new wipes are designed to clean germs off of the touchscreen portion of the phone and are designed to help improve the cleanliness of smartphone devices.

The company even released a handy instructional video that teaches viewers how to use the smartphone wipes, as well as Japanese toilets and bidets. In addition to slaying unwanted poop germs from your mobile device, the wipes also advertise NTT’s wifi service and come packaged with a travel guide app that features voice translation for visitors to the country.

While it is unknown if NTT will eventually roll out the smart wipe program for other Japanese airports or other high traffic areas because giving your phone a quick wipe is not a bad idea no matter where you go.

A study that was done back in 2012 by the Wall Street Journal revealed that bathroom exclusive germs were found on all eight of the cellphones that it randomly selected for the study.

If that isn’t disgusting enough, a separate study conducted by the University of Arizona revealed that mobile phones had ten times more germs and other bacteria than a typical toilet seat.

As always, proper hand washing habits, as well as generous applications of hand sanitizer at certain points of the day, can help cut down your chances of getting sick from these nasty invaders, and perhaps this program will encourage U.S. firms to install similar wipes for residents here in this country.

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