Crayons For Adults? Clinique Releases Crayola-Themed Lipsticks

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You know how people say that diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend? I don’t believe that. Tell me their bestfriends are lipsticks or even chocolates, then I’ll beleive you more.

On second thought, lipsticks and makeup might just be my final answer.

For the longest time, crayons brand Crayola have been popular with makeup artists, the vibrancy, and the pigmented colors that their crayons offer are taken advantage of and were used as makeup. Some use it as lipsticks and some as eyeshadows. Imagine the unlimited colors that you can get with just one box, right?

If you were Crayola what would you do? Of course you have to jump into the bandwagon and strike while the iron is hot as they say.

Clinique paired with Crayola to come up with a nostalgic product to add to every girl’s cosmetics kit.

Crayola Chubby Sticks brings back all the nostalgia of your crayon-bearing age. It features many of the shades from your childhood in a familiar package, according to Glamour.

“Opening a box of crayons awakens feelings of nostalgia and memories of childhood filled with playtime and creativity.”

Ten classic colors are represented, including Mauvelous, Tickle Me Pink, Mango Tango, and Razzmatazz. You can purchase the sticks individually for $17 or spring for a set of four ($25) or eight ($50) colors presented in an iconic Crayola-inspired box.

Way to go Clinique!

Image via Pixabay.

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