Charles Manson Is Out Of Prison And May Not Make It Back

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If you don’t know who Charles Manson is, then I don’t know where you were living these past few decades.

For those who don’t, Manson is known to be the leader of a cult that made his followers believe that they will be saved in favor of the others. This family then set off to do crimes that were ordered by Manson.

He is serving a life sentence for his role in nine murders. He ordered a number of his followers that are called the Manson Family to kill nine people in 1969. He has been locked up in California since 1971, he is now 82.

Charles Manson on June 16, 2011 (Photo: AFP)

News emerged last night that Manson was taken out of prison to be treated in a hospital about 100 miles away from where he has been held for almost 50 years.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation released a statement that it was against privacy laws to announce anything about the inmate’s health.

Although sources leak that Mason was indeed “seriously ill.”

Among The Nine

Among the nine that was murdered, pregnant actress Sharon Tate was also murdered by Manson’s family. She was 8-months pregnant, click here to see the last photo of her, just hours before being murdered.

The family member that personally stabbed Tate was Charles Watson.

Tate was murdered inside their Beverly Hills home along with her 3 friends who were staying during that time.

Image via Psych2go.