TV Sherlock Benedict Cumberbatch Related To Sherlock Author

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Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor playing Sherlock Holmes on the BBC TV series, Sherlock, is a descendant of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Doyle wrote the books that featured the sleuth, Sherlock Holmes.

According to researchers, Cumberbatch is a Doyle’s 16th cousin twice removed.

Image by via The Huffington Post historian Michelle Ercanbrack said this in a statement:

“Every family history project begins the same way: you start with what you know. From there, you work back one generation at a time, proving each step as you go.”

“In this case, that proof came from documents that locate a person in a place and time or show family relationships. We looked at everything from church records of christenings and burials, censuses, newspaper announcements, land deeds, and tombstones. When we confirmed Benedict’s connection to British Royalty, we tapped into well-established genealogies that opened up a lot of interesting possibilities.”

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