Top 6 Weird Flavored Liquors

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Are you looking for a new alcoholic drink to try? If so, you may enjoy these fun flavored things.

1. Phoenix Tears Spiced Rum

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This an 80-proof sweet and spicy rum with a shimmery appearance. Unfortunately, you can only enjoy it if you live in the United Kingdom.

2. Ole Smokey Cookies And Cream Whiskey

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This creamy 35-proof whisky liquor is great for cookies and cream lovers everywhere. Enjoy it on top of ice cream or in coffee or just on the rocks.

3. Unicorn Tears Gin

Image by via Mental Floss

This gin liquor claims to be made from unicorn tears. Unfortunately, it’s not. This shimmery gin contains hints of coriander, oranges, juniper berries, liquorice. Unfortunately, you can only get this one in the UK.

4. Cinnamon Churro Vodka

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This sweet pastry is the perfect thing for someone who likes pastries and alcohol. It can be mixed with creamy and sweet cocktails.

5. “Loopy” Vodka

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This is a Fruit Loops-flavored vodka. I guess it’s better than pouring booze on your cereal.

6. Waffle Flavored Vodka

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Georgi has made a waffle-flavored vodka. Alcohol is great for a balanced breakfast.

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