Ten Of The Most HILARIOUS Donald Trump Photo-Shopped Pics Out There

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This election season has been absolutely terrible and the results, well the results left a lot of people feeling betrayed, scared, and plain uncomfortable in their own country. But with every bad event there comes some sort of silver lining.

In the case of President-elect Donald Trump the memes, photo-shops, and Gifs have been so hilarious it has brought a little bit of light into this bleak future we are facing. As if The Donald didn’t embarass himself enough, these photoshoppers took it to a whole new level.

There are so many altered photos and videos of Trump out there it would be nearly impossible to look at them all but here are ten pics that had us laughing hysterically.


I’m Watching You…Pence

Photo via Steve Aoki.


Faaava Beans

Photo via Steve Aoki.


Like A Wrecking Ball…With Nuclear Codes

Photo via Steve Aoki.


Let’s Play A Game…With Russia

Photo via Steve Aoki.


Scarier Than The Original

Photo via Steve Aoki.


Oompa Troompa

Photo via Steve Aoki.


Trump’s Heart Shrunk Three Sizes┬áThat Day

Photo via Steve Aoki.


All Of America Is Screaming Too

Photo Via National.


How About….No.

Photo via Observer.


Always Playing Games

Photo via E News

Feature image via Mediate.

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