Arnold Introduced His ‘Apprentice’ Catch Phrase And It’s As Corny As You Imagined (VIDEO)

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After replacing the President-elect Donald Trump on this season’s Apprentice, Arnold Schwarzenegger came out with his own catch phrase and it fits him perfectly.

Just like the Donald, Schwarzenegger is cashing in on his prior fame by using the term, “You’re terminated,” when letting someone go on the show.

And don’t act like you didn’t just say that in his voice.

If that wasn’t enough, when he released that catchphrase to YouTube personality Carrie Keagan, he finished it with a good ole:

“Get to the chopper.”

But Wait…There’s More

After terminating singer Carnie Wilson he stated:

“Hasta La Vista, Baby.”

Aye, the sheer 1990’s of it all makes me cringe.

As far as the Donald is concerned, his presence was still strongly felt and not just because it was his show for so long. Donald Trump was listed on the credits as the executive producer, an act we are still not sure will pose an issue when he hits the White House or not.

Featured image via Funny Junk.

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