A Bathroom Accident Just Might Have Saved The Country From Rudy Giuliani

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Throughout President-elect Donald Trump’s election Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, has been one of Trump’s most avid and outspoken allies. Giuliani, in his seventies now, also seemed to have political aspirations for the Secretary of State position.

Sure, everyone remembers Giuliani’s bravery and leadership during the attacks on 9/11 but after that Giuliani just seemed to get weirder and more over the top. During Trump’s campaign trail Giuliani appeared on ABC’s “This Week” program and was sporting a rather YUGE bump on his head.

Giuliani managed to stay away from the subject on the air but once off he said he allegedly fell in the shower after getting a leg cramp.

However, a representative for Giuliani later told The News that he had gotten up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and bumped his head on the bathroom door.

So, you are probably wondering what any of that has to do with Giuliani getting skipped over for the Secretary of State position.

Well, it seems that after much deliberation between Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Rex Tillerson, Tillerson became champion and was asked to fill the SoS position over Giuliani, who had been the front runner from the beginning.

Trump later went on to express his concerns that Giuliani, far removed from his past political seat, lacked the stamina, due to his age, to fulfill the duties a Secretary of State would be required to do.

Trump’s obsession with “stamina” has been shown from his comments of Hillary Clinton’s lack thereof to his own extra ordinary “stamina.”

Whether Trump didn’t like Giuliani’s strive for fame or not was left unknown but his little bathroom door incident definitely helped cement his absence from Trump’s cabinet….and we couldn’t be more relieved.

Now we just have to figure out how to deal with Tillerson.

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