Woman Posts Live Labor Footage On Facebook (VIDEO)

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Sarah J Ljungstrom, 35, and from the UK decided that too many new mothers out there were getting swindled by the way labor and birth are portrayed on television and in the movies, so she recorded her own.

Too many times we flip on a TV drama or movie and watch as either a woman happily breezes through labor, or turns into a raging lunatic, cursing her way into an epidural but neither are quite accurate.

Ljungstrom, in the videos, is going through 24 hours of labor to give birth to her third child, daughter, Evelina Blossom. Evelina came into the world with two older brothers ready to protect her. Freddie,6, and Finn, 3, had some pretty funny reactions to mom’s labor. Ljungstrom talked about her water breaking saying:

“I told my eldest son about what was going on and he said ‘did you wet yourself?”

The happy new mother and vlogger asked her viewers to remind her of these videos next time she considered having another child. I guess that is one easy form of birth control!

Featured image via Ten Play.

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