Watch Out! These Beauty Contest Winners Just Might Spit On You (VIDEO)

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The tenth edition of the Al Dhafra Festival, where Arab heritage is put on display for entertainment and educational purposes, offers one of the most prestigious events of the year, the Camel Beauty Contest.

The Al Dhafra Festival lasts from December 13-29th and this year’s crowned camel beauties belong to the president’s spokesman, Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed. His camels won in the golden-red camel category and were from Oman, while Khamis Al Mazrouie’s camels captured the Mahajim category, the black camels from Saudi Arabia.

The United Arab of Emirates, or UAE, sponsors this festival every year in hopes to bring the beauty and history of the Arab community back and thriving. Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan bin Zayed talked about the festival stating:

“The UAE leadership is committed to fostering and supporting heritage and cultural events, including the Al Dhafra Festival, which has become instrumental to educate young generations about their country’s indigenous heritage, traditions and culture, and how to safeguard those.”

This festival happens every year, bringing people of all nationalities and faiths together to learn and grow in the Arab community.

Featured image via The National.

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