This Man Had More Than Tile Installed – He Had The Donald In His Bathroom (VIDEO)

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We have all heard about Jesus in the toast or Jesus’s face in the peanut butter sandwich but this Trump supporter was moved and astonished to find The Donald’s face in his bathroom floor.

Clayton Litten of Midlothian, Virginia, was following his routine and sitting in the bathroom admiring his new bathroom floor when he saw the President-elect staring back at him. Litten states:

“This cannot be. There’s no way, clear as day. What are the odds? One in a trillion?”

Photo via Huffington Post.

Litten and the men who laid the tile all agreed that it was The Donald himself staring back up you while you sat gingerly on the toilet. Mr. Litten had hoped Trump would swing through his bathroom when he was campaigning this season but the team never got back to Mr. Litten.

When this story was first released it was revealed that Mr. Litten suffered from lung cancer and had nearly $20,000 worth of medical bills. We wish Mr. Litten, Trump fan or not, well wishes.

Hey Trump, this might be a good time to actually show some of that charity you brag about so much…just a thought.

Featured image via Daily Wire.

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