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This Husband Went For More Than 10 Years Refusing To Talk To His Wife (VIDEO)

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Beware of forming bad habits. Habits like not talking to your spouse. You might get used to not talking to each other, and before you know it, a decade has passed.

According to Wendy Wood, as an individual starts to form a habit, one’s brain works less and less. Even when you know it’s bad for you; you still can’t break that habitual behavior. Force of habit is not an excuse; it’s actually science.

Detective Knight Scoop, a talk show in Japan, fields requests from viewers and these requests are carried out by guest comedians. The 23-year-old show has just gotten one of its oddest requests from one of their viewers: to find out why his parents have not talked for more than ten years.

Katayama Yoshiki from Nara Prefecture is 18 years old. He wrote that his father has not spoken to his mother since he was a young child and he does not know the reason for it. While the father spoke to his kids normally, the kids grew up not hearing him address their mom. They never heard him say a single word to her.

So the show sends one of its co-hosts to investigate the situation and try to find out if such a ludicrous claim is true. The co-host visits the home, and we see a hidden camera footage showing that while the wife talks normally to the husband, the husband does not utter even a word to her.

The co-host then talks to the mother and finds out that, as far as she knows, nothing happened between them that would merit such behavior from her husband. She cannot give a specific explanation for the silent treatment. According to her, she has always wanted to be on speaking terms with him and has been waiting for him to talk to her all these years.

The co-host then interviews the husband and finds out why:


According to the husband, when his wife got pregnant with their kids, she became busier caring for them than paying attention to him. He got jealous and this soon developed into a full-blown cold shoulder treatment that lasted until the three kids are fully grown.

While most of you might be screaming, “What a huge asshole!” or “The passive aggressive champion of the entire solar system…,” please watch the entire video. You just might find yourself shedding a tear or two.

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