Self Driving Vehicles May Cause Thousands Of Deaths Each Year (VIDEO)

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Companies like Google, Uber, and Tesla have been on the cutting edge with their automated cars. The goal would eventually be to fill up the streets and highways with cars that could drive themselves. This idea is both ecologically and economically smart but it does pose one small problem, fewer accidents and casualties.

You are probably thinking, “Um, that’s not a problem that is a good thing,” and everyone agrees, everyone, that is, except those needed organ transplants.

Currently, there is a serious shortage of organs for transplants and roughly 6,500 Americans die every year because we just don’t have the organ they need. One out of every donated organ comes from a victim of a car accident.

By making the road safer we are ultimately denying life to someone else.

There are a couple of ways this problem can be fixed. The DMV can begin requiring organ donation, though that is often against certain religious preference, or open back up the sale of organs.

Talking about this seems really morbid but unfortunately it is the truth of the matter. Sometimes by improving technology that will help in many different areas of the world, you are stepping backwards in another.

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