McDonalds Opens Inside Vatican: What Might St. Peter Do?

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Not only is the Pope Catholic, but he apparently also likes having a McDonald’s close by. It seems ironic that this McDonald’s, which is inside of the Vatican, opened on a Friday. But it wasn’t Lent, so maybe that’s why they got away with it.

Or maybe it’s the fish sandwich that made it okay. Nevertheless, not everyone is happy to see the presence of the golden arches.

There are other McDonald’s restaurants in close range of the Vatican, and also a Burger King. But the item that is apparently really rattling the consciences of many of the top clerics is that it’s on Vatican property.

It opened just around the corner from St. Peter’s Square. Claims that some are making over the food being unhealthy also seem to be fueling the fires of controversy.

One such cleric is Cardinal Elio Sgreccia, president emeritus of the Pontifical Academy for Life. Sgreccia referred to the presence of the McDonald’s in the Vatican as a “disgrace.” He also expressed his disapproval of the fact that it’s “unhealthy” food, and that it’s something that he, “would never eat.”  

Cardinals who are living above the McDonalds that has been built in the Vatican are expressing their displeasure over the fact that no one discussed the matter with them in advance.

One item that may have motivated the extension of the right hand of fellowship to McDonald’s from others is that the Vatican is getting a handsome 30,000 Euros per month for McDonald’s presence on the bottom floor of the Vatican.

Nevertheless, Sgreccia stated that he felt that the rent money would be put to better use for helping, “the area’s needy…and suffering.”

There wasn’t a great deal of fanfare made about the opening of what is affectionately being dubbed by some as, “McVatican.” The primary reason for that is all of the controversy that it seems to be bringing with its arrival.

The McDonald’s inside of the Vatican will be open seven days a week from the hours of 6:30 am – 11:00 pm, and also offers Wi-Fi.

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