WATCH: The Evolution Of Disney Animation – 1937-2016

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This amazing video shows the evolution of Disney’s animation in their movies. It started in 1937 with Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and the last movie in the video is 2016’s epic hit, Zootopia. 

The art was beautiful, and now we are using computer-generated images. When the 1990s came around, they started using some computer-generated images. Beauty & The Beast had computer-generate backgrounds. However, the primary animation was still hand-drawn.

However, the primary animation was still hand-drawn. Back in 2000, they had movies that were entirely made with computer-generated graphics. The computer animation got a lot better after 2010.

In watching the video, you can see the evolution of backdrops and how the quality of the movies evolved over the almost 80 years that Disney has been making movies.

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