Woman Arrested After Pointing Her Gun In McDonald’s And Yelling Racial Slurs (VIDEO)

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A Florida woman, Mary Ulman, was arrested after she began screaming racial slurs in a McDonald’s parking lot and then pointed her gun at customers inside the restaurant.

Forty seven year old Charles Daniels was the initial target of Ulman’s anger when she began honking and yelling at him from her car. Daniels stated:

“She was racial slurs this and that, but my grandfather didn’t raise us that way, so I overlooked it.”

But as Daniels attempted to be the better person and turned to walk into McDonald’s he noticed a red laser reflecting off of his shoulder. Daniels described the situation saying:

“As I got ready to walk in, I saw a red beam on my shoulder. I looked and she had her gun pointed at me. Am I going to be alright and everybody else? What about everybody else, when she started pointing through the drive-through window?”

Two of the employees said that Ulman also pointed the gun at them through the drive thru window. Ulman was later found at a stop light, taken into custody, and is being charged with aggravated assault and intent to commit a felony.

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