This Should DEFINITELY Be The Inaugural Invitation (VIDEO)

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As the inauguration draws closer our nerves, anxieties, and curiosity of just how much of a shit show this swearing in will be continues to grow stronger and stronger. For those that loathe the Great Cheetos Monster and his new queen as much as we do, only the most deplorable entertainment is expected to show.

But hey every huge event needs a pretty sweet flyer to go along with it right?

Well television writer, Josh Green, was definitely on top of that when he created this poster that really captures the essence of the 2017 Inauguration Celebration.

Photo via Josh Green.

I am thinking that since Green captured President-elect Trump’s class, spelling habits, and wife so perfectly, these flyers should be the official invite to the inauguration.

At least we could get some souvenirs before Putin takes over…just saying.

Featured image via YouTube.

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