This Christmas Gift From Mother To Daughter Definitely Made People Laugh

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Eighteen year old Shelby Donovan from New Orleans, Louisiana was more than shocked when she excitedly unwrapped a Christmas gift from her mother in front of the entire family. But that excitement quickly faded as she held this in her hand:

Photo via Twitter.

Of course when the entire family broke out into laughter mom had to come over and make sure everyone knew she wasn’t “that” kind of mom. Donovan stated:

“My mom realized why we were laughing, so she says, ‘What? Do you actually think I would get you a dildo for Christmas?”

So what was this mystery gift?

Photo via Twitter.

But it doesn’t end there. Apparently, according to Donovan, Grandma is the one with the best comeback to the appropriate/inappropriate gift from mom stating:

“My grandma’s [reaction] was definitely the best. She described it as, ‘Business in the morning, fun at night.”

We are just glad mom was thinking more about Donovan’s crazy Starbucks addiction than any other extra curricular activities her daughter might be doing.

Either way, Merry Christmas Donovan Family, it looks like it was a pleasurable one.

Featured image via Huffington Post.

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