Strange Scientific Artifact Found In Peru

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A strange alien hand artifact was found in Peru this week. It has three elongated fingers and no thumb. This and other strange characteristics make it obvious that this is not a humanoid.

X-rays of the hand show that the bone structure is very different from that of a human hand. Each finger has six bones and five knuckles. There are manicured nails on the hand, and there is some kind of mysterious metal implant in the hand.

The Peruvian government is strict about these kinds of artifacts. It may be up to a year before we can get DNA tests done in the United States. The physicians that examined it seem to think that it is not human. It could be from any form of mammal.

Another strange artifiact was found there in November. It was an elongated alien-like skull. There were some cultures who elongated their skulls, but they didn’t elongate hands. We don’t yet know if the skull is related to the hand somehow. They were brought to Peruvian archaeologists by the same person.

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