Just What We Need – There Is A Whole New ‘White And Gold Dress’ Post Storming The Internet

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Do you remember the dress that was white and gold (or is it black and blue?) that people couldn’t agree on? It was days before everyone’s Facebook and Twitter feed finally got rid of that dress.

First someone posted a simple harmless photo asking what color the dress was, people realized they had way different opinions on the dress color, the photo started trending, it became viral, scientists started talking about how people may see one color in different ways depending on development, and the rest is history.

Sounds complicated? Never mind, it got a lot of shares and comments all while confusing people along the way.  But, that was a long time ago. In short, that is old news.

Now, another photo is taking the internet by storm and has been shared more than 2000 times as of this writing.

This is a photo posted by @mmmadelinee on Twitter. At first, it looks like a normal striped crop top when you scroll through the photo.

The confusion begins when you click on the photo and the stripes on the top seem to move, or light up!

Somebody wrote:

“Is it me or does your shirt light up when I click it.”

One user claimed that the girl is pulling magic tricks:

Of course, just like in everything else, a party pooper always has to make himself heard. So this person posted the “real” answer to the mind boggling lighting up and moving crop top.

How about you? What do you think?

Image via Pixabay.