Epic New Year’s Prank: Someone Changed The Hollywood Sign To Say ‘Hollyweed’

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Back in November, California voted to legalize recreational marijuana. The state will start selling and taxing it in 2018. Someone is celebrating already with this epic prank.

On New Year’s Eve, someone put black tarps on the letters of the Hollywood sign to make it read “Hollyweed.”

This is not the first time someone has made this particular alteration to the sign. In 1976, prankster Danny Finegood made the sign read Hollyweed after possession was decriminalized. This was when the state made carrying less than one ounce of weed a misdemeanor instead of a felony.

Finegood passed away in 2007. I’m sure he would’ve loved this prank. The person behind it has not been found yet. They will likely get misdemeanor charges for vandalism.

The sign was first erected in 1923, and it read “Hollywoodland” at the time.

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