Celebrating The End Of 2016? Here Are Some Of The Weirdest Hangover Cures From Around The World

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Are you glad to see 2016 go? If you decide to celebrate with alcohol, here are some weird hangover cures from around the world that might help you in the morning.

1. Voodoo

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In Haiti, they “punish” the bottle of alcohol with voodoo. They stick pins in the cork, then seal the bottle. They believe this will help ease the pain of a hangover.

2. Poutine

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In Canada, they snack on some poutine when they are hung over. It is a bowl of thick-cut french fries with Canadian cheese curds and savory gravy smothered on top.

3. Dried Bull Penis

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In Sicily, they nibble on a dried bull penis when they have a hangover. They believe that it restores verility.

4. Vodka Socks

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In Estonia, they get some vodka socks to cure their hangover. They soak some socks in vodka and hot water. Then, you put them back on and chill with a cup of tea. They think that you will sweat out the alcohol.

5. Sparrow Droppings In Brandy

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In Hungary, they take “hair of the dog” to the next level. They drink brandy with sparrow droppings in it. They believe that if you can get the sparrow to do its business in a glass of brandy, swish it around, and knock it back, then your hangover will go away.

6.Deep-Fried Canary

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In Ancient Rome, they may have been ahead of their time. They believed that eating deep-fried canary would help ease their upset stomach.

7. Sheep’s Brain

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In South Africa, the traditional hangover cure is eating sheep’s brains. I think I would rather have the hangover.

8. Rhino Horn

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In Vietnam, they believe that drinking ground up rhino horn in water will cure your hangover. As a result, rhinos are getting poached for their horns. It doesn’t work, so just stop killing them.

9. Running

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Here in the US, a lot of people believe that going for a run will help you sweat out the alcohol.

10. “Hair of the Dog”

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The classic hangover cure is what we call the “hair of the dog.” Some people believe that if you drink more, then you will cure the hangover. All it really does is put off the inevitable hangover.

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