This Mannequin Challenge Literally Beats Every Single One On Earth (VIDEO)

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Oh, you took everyone in your school and made them do the mannequin challenge?

Oh, you had six of your friends act like they were fighting in a still framed mannequin challenge?

Well guess what…your challenge sucks compared to this one.

The European Space Agency astronaut Thomas Pesquet recently tweeted a video of himself and four of his colleagues performing the challenge in zero gravity. That’s right, five astronauts took time on their day off to film a mannequin challenge on the International Space Station.

You can clearly see some of the astronauts hooking a foot or hand to keep themselves motionless but they seriously did a better job in zero gravity than most do just standing still on Earth. Pesquet stated:

“We got the whole crew together and took the #MannequinChallenge to new heights. The result is kind of sci-fi spooky don’t you think?”

The video has gone viral and I am sure there are several groups out there thinking… “Challenge Accepted.”

Here’s a video of the astronauts re-shared to music by a Twitter fan.

Feature image via Wikipedia.

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