Make Your Face Great Again With This HILARIOUS Makeup Tutorial (VIDEO)

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Are you worried about the incoming administration’s thoughts about regulations on specific ethnic groups?

Do you worry that your ethnicity may be showing just a bit too much these days?

Don’t worry! Actress Tess Paras has come out with the perfect way to make yourself look as white as possible and escape those pesky White Supremacists.

It’s called “Trumping, ” and it is the most sought after new makeup look on the market. This tutorial will help you understand just how to acquire that “better than you white look,” that will get you high fives and maybe even a place in line to help build that wall.

Watch this tutorial and follow along at home. All you will need is the whitest foundation you can find, or even some white out, an incredibly orange bronzer, and the most important part, a big bag of Cheetos.

Make sure to post your before and afters in the comment section below and happy Trumping!!

Featured image via Cosmopolitan.

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