2016 Will Officially Be One Second Longer – What Could Possibly Go Wrong In One Second?

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2016 has been a giant bully to almost everyone on Earth and we absolutely can not wait until that ball drops and a new year can begin. But wait…it seems that 2016 is the year we catch up with the Earth’s rotation. What does that mean?

2016 will officially be one entire second longer than expected. But you are probably thinking, “What could really go that wrong in a second?” Well, let’s review some of the disasters that we can face in the last second of 2016.

Four People Are Born Every Second

Photo via Debate.org.

Not so bad I guess.


Two People Die Every Second

Photo via Business Insider.

Oh, Great! 2016 will be able to squeak two last deaths out of the year.


40,000 Searches Are Conducted On Google Every Second

Photo via My City By Night.

Soooo, what your saying is people are going to be leaving 2016 still shoved in their internet browser.


Over 7,500 Tweets Are Sent Out Every Second

Photo via Business Insider.

And I bet Trump will use that extra second to send one out….maybe to Putin.


Three Barbie Dolls Are Sold Every Second

Photo via BBC.

An extra three girls will be duped into thinking that is the perfect way to look in 2016.


A Bullet Can Travel 900 M In A Second

Photo via Digital Trends.

Hopefully at a target.


10,450 Cokes Are Consumed Every Second

Photo via Seenox.

That will be 10,450 more unhealthy people in 2016.


So as you are reading this thinking that one second can’t be that bad just remember that Coke can take rust off of your car battery.

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