This Is The Best Book About Trump To Come Out Of 2016

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Amazon has released a great book about Donald Trump. It is called, “Why Donald Trump Deserves Trust, Respect, And Admiration.”

Big surprise… It’s blank!

The reviews are hilarious!

The user “A Tremendous Reader” said:

“Now, I’ve read some books in my day. I really can read. I read a lot. I’m great at reading… the best. In fact, there are teenagers living in their parents’ basements who can tell you all about it on Twitter. They know I’m fantastic. If anyone has anything to say otherwise, they’re crooked crybabies.”

Mary L. Doyle said:

“Just amazing. Short sentences. But still good ones. And plus many of the short sentences are repeated. Amazing. You’ll see. I’m telling you, it will open your eyes folks. Open your eyes. And so many won’t want to read it. Because they can’t handle it. Puny people. Puny. But when you do read it. I’m telling you. It will open your eyes. Trust me. Amazing, amazing book.”

Now, go to Amazon and get your hands on this informative book. It’s great! Bigly! It will be a YUGE success!

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