Some Of The Weirdest Science Findings Of 2016 Include Beer And Superpowers

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Everyone wants to talk about the deaths in 2016 or the politics of this year, which may go hand in hand, but there is one subject that always seems to get overlooked and that’s the science.

Science is one of the most important subjects, even more so than politics but for some reason we have just skipped right over it this year. Here are some of 2016’s weirdest science finds.

A Possible Cure For Baldness

Photo via Surreal Science.

Patients with a rare form of Alopecia started taking the arthritis drug tofacitinib and reported hair regrowth on their heads, eyebrows, and armpits. The drug is only being studied for hair loss but it’s results look promising. The side effects of the drug, however, are pretty severe with prolonged usage.


Long Legs

Photo via Medical Daily.

Scientists, after studying male patients over the last twenty years who suffered from Colon Cancer, found that the only similar characteristic is longer legs. Scientists don’t know what the connection is yet between men with long legs and Cancer so don’t freak out, but always get checked out if you have a historical risk.


Beer Me

Photo via NBC Los Angeles.

It turns out beer might just give you superpowers after all. Now, don’t go jumping in front of a bus or leaping from a building, the superpowers we are referring to are heightened social skills. Researchers tested people who were given beer to drink and found that those with the alcoholic beer noticed social cues and emotions better than those with the non-alcoholic variety. So while you just think you are extra nice on Saturday nights, the alcohol may actually make you more likable.


The Big V

Photo Via SBS.

It tuns out that scientists believe that genetics highly effect when you will choose to loose your virginity. They are taking into account parents, puberty, and other biological things to figure out if influence can help shape that age. Younger cases of pregnancy and sexual activity have shown to highly affect education and future statistics.

I wonder if the beer superpower plays any part in the genetics of virginity…

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