Netflix Is, Once Again, Tricking Kids World Wide On NYE (VIDEO)

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New Years Eve is one of those times of years that your age decides the level of commitment to the cause, and little kids are no exception.

In your early childhood New Years Eve meant staying up until an hour that you weren’t even sure existed. Your teens meant grumpily watching the ball drop with your parents when you wanted to be at a party, and your twenties meant stumbling from a bar absolutely wasted after acquiring mono from one of the many NYE midnight kisses you got.

As the parents of a young child you don’t want to crush their New Year’s spirit by telling them they can’t stay up until midnight but you also don’t want to deal with that cranky little asshole the next morning when it is time to go to school.

Don’t worry, Netflix has come up with the perfect way to lie to your kids on New Year’s Eve.

Netflix is now making several different videos available so you can celebrate the ball drop anytime that night.

You simply choose a movie, or let them choose, play it, celebrate, and then it’s off to bed for them.


At this point, as a parent you can either grab the champagne and party like you did when you were 25, minus the mono, watch the ball drop from your jammies, or pretend right along with the kids until your head hits that pillow, ignoring the 9:00 on the clock.


Featured image via Scary Mommy.

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