Give Your Trinkets And Stories To The Museum Of Broken Relationships (VIDEO)

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You are sitting alone in your house surrounded by all the things that remind you of your significant other and it’s either relief or heartbreak that is surging through your soul. There is now an excellent way to both rid yourself of that unneeded and unwanted junk and to immortalize your lost love for others to see.

The Museum Of Broken Relationships

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As you walk through the 3,500 square foot museum in Los Angeles you will see over two thousand remnants of past love with a one to two sentence memoir about that item from the anonymous donor. Visitors find the museum both romantic and haunting and I’m sure can come up with a pretty big list of things they would like to donate.


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Some people don’t even have a broken relationship with another person, some people are saying goodbye to a broken relationship with themselves. One actress, Andree Vermeulen donated the breast implants she had removed, stating:

“My broken relationship was with myself.”

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The museum has had many travelling exhibits over the years and draws people in from all over the world to bask in the pity of other people’s lonely relationship woes.

I wonder if they would accept a truck load…asking for a friend of course.

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