Here Are A Few Of The Oddest Stories Of 2016 – And Yes Ted Cruz Made The List (VIDEO)

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With all of the super serious and often depressing as hell political news that has blasted us non-stop through 2016, we may have missed some of the odd and weird ones in the in between.

Let’s take a look at some of the weirdest news stories of this past year.

The Zodiac Killer

Photo via Ryan McBride/UPI.

Apparently a poll was done in Florida, and 32 percent of people actually believe that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer. Okay people….Ted Cruz wasn’t even born yet when the first Zodiac murder was committed and unless he was a toddler with a really strong arm I am thinking a little common sense might go a really long ways here.

It is Florida though.


An Accidental Thief

Photo via UPI.

So you send your friend for your car and the next day you realize you just became a criminal because the car they brought to you was not yours. What do you do?

Well one Oregon woman simply took the car back with a note that read:

“Hello, So sorry I stole your car. I sent my friend with my key to pick up my red Subaru at 7802 SE Woodstock and she came back with your car. I did not see the car until this morning and I said, ‘That is not my car.’ There is some cash for gas and I more than apologize for the shock and upset this must have caused you. If you need to speak further, with me, I am ******* and my number is ………. So so sorry for this mistake.”

Apparently Subaru keys, at least older models, are often interchangeable so this women actually didn’t mean to steal anything. The police and the victim were pretty amused, and relieved, by house this story played out.


The Frozen Mannequin

Photo via YouTube.

The Hudson New York PD got a call that there was an elderly woman in a car frozen to death. The police deployed their finest, broke the window, and opened the door only to find a very realistic resuscitation doll strapped into the front seat.

To make matters worse the owner of the car, and the doll, was irate at police for breaking into his vehicle. You have to admit that mannequin looks very very life like, almost anyone would have done the same thing.


An Amazing Tribute

Photo via Seacoast Online.

Sadly not everyone is going to see 2017 but this Irishman’s send off was more than amazing. Chris Connors wanted nothing more than a funny obituary to fit his comical and exciting life on earth, and his daughter did just that.

You can read the obituary here, but it sounds as if it would have been quite an honor and an interesting time to know Mr. Connors.

For most 2016 has been a year that we are more than happy to send off in slurry of fireworks, middle fingers, and alcohol. Hopefully, though, 2017 isn’t so crazy that we miss the crazy stories out there everyday.

Happy New Year From Off The Main Page.

Featured image via The Wrap.

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